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The Ghana National Museum on Slavery (GNMOS) will be an international institution for the archival preservation, study, documentation and interpretation of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade via the slave castles at Elmina and Cape Coast.

This state-of-the-art Museum is the cornerstone of a larger development, which in its entirety, is to serve as a global education and tourist destination and will include an international conference center, a luxury hotel and additional venues for entertainment.

Ghana has enlisted the support of the international community to provide technical and administrative expertise in all aspects of the planning and development of the Ghana National Museum on Slavery project. The public/private sector planning and development process will include strategic collaborations with the Smithsonian Institution Museum of African American History and Culture, UNESCO, the British National Museum and other museum complexes in the world.

The museum is currently working on a public relations campaign titled, One by One, aimed at engaging the global community around definitions of freedom and oppression. The campaign will serve as the kickoff for ongoing fundraising for the museum.