Aerosoul: Electric Kingdom

Aerosoul - Electric Kingdom

SoleSpace hosts, “Electric Kingdom,” a group show by the bicoastal TMT crew, curated by Oakland aerosol legend Refa One in conjunction with Refined Arts. The show, which runs until the end of September, features works by Refa, Chain 3, Tean 5, Kade, Sak, Skeme, Shame 125, Web, Stem, Cre8, Mad, Kufu, and Enk 1, plus guest artist Soon 1. It’s a notable exhibit in that it connects West Coast aerosol artists to their Bronx, NY counterparts.

Refa explained the show’s inspiration came from Twilight 22’s classic 1983 electro-hop song as well as the energy conducted through the process of making art, which he said had “flow, vibration, rhythm.” There’s a connection, added Kufu, between present-day urban hieroglyphics and “ancient Egyptian electro-magneticism” reflected in color patterns which remain similar through “spans of eons and millenniums.”

Refined Arts consulted on the exhibit design and also supplied the Writers’ Blocks participatory video art installation by Trevor Parham.

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Aerosoul - Electric Kingdom

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